The freedom you’ve always wanted to make a positive impact while running your own successful brand

What's in this Training

  • Handling the anxiety of starting a brand
  • Proposal, sale & service contracts
  • A chance to win10 "Must Read" books

Greed is Good,
Graciousness is Greater.

The world needs your awesomeness.

Join the revolution of fast-growing companies that not only create massive profits, but equally creates a better future for all. We’ll provide you with the training, tools and community to make it possible.

How it Works

i. Training

FREE training with templates and done-for-you guides to create a successful consulting business.

ii. Insider Community

After the training you’ll receive an invite to our mastermind to network and grow with other moguls.

iii. Reinvesting

Armed with the knowledge and friends to quickly grow companies we then help you sell and invest in brands.


What is this training for?

The basics of starting and operating a successful brand built on a model of being profitability while making a positive impact on society.

Is there a cost?

No. All the information, templates and checklists are free.

Who is this for?

Lawyers, analysts, executives, managers and creative professionals who want to live a more impactful life helping society become better.

What's included in this training?

  • The mindset that will help you handle the anxiety of starting on your own
  • How to determine your target market
  • How to ensure your target market is profitable
  • How to package services
  • Building sales funnels to consistently bring in customers
  • Sales scripts to help close new clients
  • Proposal templates
  • Service contract templates

How long is this training?

The training is only a 2 hour investment. This investment in yourself could possibly change the course of your life so make sure to get your pen and paper to take notes.

What happens after the training?

You will be given access to join the Moguls Mastermind where you can network with other moguls, attend local events, get advice and much more.

How is this different from a normal course?

We support you from getting started to the actual sale or acquisition of your brand. Join us as we revamp capitalism to work for all and reignite a growing middle class who’s progress will result in the elimination of poverty, equality and a force for good.