Moguls Mastermind

You’ve made it this far alone, but to reach your most ambitious goals you’ll need a strong community sharing advice, deals, strategies & networking to accelerate your growth.

The reality of a leader is filled with depressing moments. You want to reach new heights, but you don’t know where to start. Join the moguls mastermind to break the cycle of hitting roadblocks with help from other moguls to reach your goals.

How it Works

Made for who?

  • Founders & CEOs
  • Creative Pros
  • Finance & Investors
  • Lawyers & Agents
  • CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, COOs

For how long?

The mastermind is continuous.
After your account approval, you will pay $147/month to access all the mastermind. You can cancel anytime.

What's the difference?

  • Goal focused to max your ROI
  • We match you with partners
  • Built for multi-cultural moguls
  • “Accelerator” model to fast-track your growth

The Moguls App: the power to 10x your growth at your fingertips

*COMING 2019

Access the mastermind anywhere

Get advice when you need it

Listen podcasts for moguls

Watch classes while traveling

RSVP to exclusive events

Membership Benefits

  1. Goals “Match-Making”

    Our team works with you to identify and connect you with other moguls with the resources and knowledge to help you reach your goals.

  2. Deal Making Retreats

    Twice per year we’ll invite you to an undisclosed vacation destination for mini-vacations where you can present deal opportunities to other moguls.

  3. Venture Capital/Mergers/LBO Advisory

    Advice on preparing your brands for acquisitions, mergers and investor-readiness.

  4. Business Automation

    Checklists, proven processes and high quality contractors that have helped other moguls scale.

  5. Get Answers to Your Business Problems

    Access to the private Slack discussion channel where you can directly ask questions to other moguls.

  6. Profits+Passion Journal

    Physical journal to help you focus and organize your daily activities that will lead to the goals you need to meet.

  7. Lifestyle Concierge

    Save $399 on a Moguls.VIP subscription. Enjoy luxury gifts from our  partners, growth focused content and much more.

  8. Attend or Stream Master-Classes

    Online and in-person classes with industry pros to help you learn all the latest trends and techniques for success.

Avoid mistakes with advice & templates from other Moguls on Slack

Over $11,000 in extras

$10K of ads and e-commerce consulting

Members receive 45 hours of consulting hours for strategies on selling premium products.



  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Shopping
  • Amazon Seller Marketing

1 year of Moguls.VIP for free. Save $399

Your first year to experience all the amazing lifestyle benefits of being a mogul is on us.



  • Exclusive Content for Moguls
  • Gifts from Luxury Partners
  • Live-Streamed Masterclasses
  • Ad-Free Access to all sites
  • Executive Recruiting

Helping with marketing and global licensing

The agents of Mogul Studios will help guide the development of your personal brand.


Development for

  • Digital & Podcast Shows
  • Book Publishing
  • TV & Film Production

Networking Events


  • Private Dinners
  • Art Exhibits
  • Happy Hours
  • Panel Talks
  • Film Screenings



  • Master Classes
  • Webinars
  • Live-Streams
  • CEO Interviews

Having access to advice from the right lawyers, VCs, marketers, and other experts will save you years of wasted time and money.

Become a Moguls Mastermind member to avoid mistakes  and focus your energy into what works with access to our ever-growing library of expert-led classes.

Local Chapters

Upcoming Chapters
2019: NYC, LA


Why create a mastermind?

During the beginning of Jahmorly’s career there was no-one there to guide and help avoid the mistakes that waste years. To stop this vicious cycle that kills the dreams of many young moguls, Jahmorly wanted to create an eco-system that accelerates the success of other dreamers.

I applied and paid for my trial . Will I be accepted?

Thank you for applying to become a member. All applications are manually reviewed after your trial payment as been processed.

Final approval is based on the follow-up interview with our team. After a successful interview you will receive a setup email with access to all your benefits.

Is the mastermind exclusive?

Every member of the mastermind has been vetted to ensure they are adding value to the community.

You can rest assured that every member you meet at our events will be able to bring some type of value to your life.

What is the cost of membership?

$147 monthly.

Why does membership cost so much?

We do our best to build a community filled with contacts, proven templates, resources and investment guidance that will help you achieve the levels of success you desire.

The mastermind too expensive for where you are now? Learn about our Moguls.VIP

What is the refund policy?

Applications that are not approved will be refunded if they are charged for the first month. Trial fees are non-refundable.

For accounts that are approved there is no refund due to immediate access to our network and resources.

Your membership can be canceled anytime.

Can my membership be revoked?

Yes. If you violate any community guidelines of respecting each member and no discrimination  then you will be removed from the mastermind.

Why Slack and not a Facebook group?

Slack is focused on productivity and is already the discussion tool of choice for the top Fortune 100 companies.

Facebook groups are too distracting and leads to poor productivity.

What questions can I ask others in the Slack group?

You are able to ask questions from everything ranging from funding, growth hacking, marketing, interesting books and everything in-between.

Is there a charge for events I want to attend?

There is no charge for events hosted by us. However, for partner events there might be a cost involved. We will do our best to negotiate the best pricing possible for our members.

How often do you host events?

To keep our community connected we host events on a frequent basis. Certain locations such as; New York, LA, Miami, Boston, New Jersey and other major metros will have more events than suburban areas due to demand. However, we will live-stream panel discussions, interviews and other education events to share the information.

The retreats are overseas so do I need a passport?

Yes.  Please ensure your passport is up-to-date.

We take bi-annual mini-vacations that also allow you to find partners for your deals and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Can I bring friends to events?

All events hosted by us will allow you to bring only one friend for free. For events by our partners all your friends might have to pay for entry.

We Care

For moguls who have worked in their industry and have a track-record of success, but, haven’t experienced the financial success should contact us at [email protected]