Policy Tools

Capitalism and governing go hand-in-hand to address injustice and inequality. Moguls receive the training and opportunities to be involved in being active in policy making.


Sisterhood League

The Sisterhood League is a consortium of multi-cultural legal and industry experts protecting the labor laws, intellectual property and civil rights of women around the world.

The Sisterhood League app allows women to discreetly live-chat and book appointments with lawyers for discrimination suits, sexual harassment reporting, trademark disputes, copyright violations, contractural agreements, labor law violations and more.


CREW is a national non-profit organization providing education and training with a political focus. CREW hosts bi-annual conferences and special events featuring best practices for winning results.

At the conferences, private and public sectors compare playbooks on efficiency, volunteerism, corporate social responsibility and contemporary progress to prominent societal values and practices.

Additionally, CREW offers subcontractor “branding” services to prominent organizations and institutions and creates original training programming for political and leadership disciplines. CREW focuses on constituents who make up underrepresented and underserved populations.

CREW connects women who have a desire to engage in civic affairs and supports women in their efforts to win elected or appointed office. CREW is a nonpartisan organization and does not take political sides on any issues.

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